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3 Things That Drive Clients Crazy!

And How We

Solved Them.

1)"Mr ABCDEFG'S Line, May I HelpYou?" ?" "My answering service never pronounces my name right! Andthey never ask my callers to spell their names ... we get wrong names all the time! It's so embarrassing."

A classic "PET Peeve"...answering services that are in too much of a hurry to ask someone to spell his/her name...or butcher the pronunciation of someone's name. 

Message Management Center prides itself on asking callers to spell their name, (did you know that "Smith" could be "Smyth"?) People love to hear their name!!! We address our clients by name, as difficult as that name may be to pronounce! Operators are expected to practice the name before they answer your they are not tripping all over your name during a "live" call.

2)You Want To Order A What!!!??": "My answering service has no idea what my company does!" or, "They don't know my specialty or the industry buzz-words that my callers use".

Message Management Center interviews you when you first subscribe..."teach us your business"... (the Readers' Digest version, please) we can recognize the words that make your business the unique, specific, and competitive business that it is! When your client says he needs a "40-yarder"...we know what that means! When a caller says "I'd like a call regarding a pre-arrangement"...we know what that is too! Or, when a patient calls and says, "I need a call regarding my PT/INR test"...we know what to do with that call! It's all about getting to know's allabout message TEMPLATING.. we design the template that is customized to your tell us the questions to ask and we postthem on-screen,,in the template. Just tell us what we need to know!

3)EXCLUSIVE IGNORE":"I'm on hold, listening to that "we'll be right with you" recording over and over again... or to music for 5 minutes!"

Message Management Center's average time to take a complete message? 15 seconds..Name/Tel #/Message. We hate "hold" too..but, it's a necessary aid that all answering services must have,,But HowThey Use It..Is The Key. Our clients' lines ONLY get the "auto-answer lady" during extremely high-volume snowstorms, "Black-Friday-Everyone-Is-Out-Shopping" day..and even then, it is used in less than 1% of all calls. (Statistics based on call volume reports.) Your calls are always answered "live", When it first rings.., (voice mail is available for clients who would like screening-greetings). Contrary to popular belief, auto-answer, voice mail, and other voice-assisted systems are not for YOUR Convenience....they are for the convenience of the operator, the answering service or the company. Give us a call!

Call us 24/7 ..We're always available

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